The path to recruitment


Who remembers their first internship search? His first search for a work-study program? His first job search?

I don’t know about you, but I remember it very well. And these were stressful times.

There was a gap between recruitment school and the world of work. It was as if the school was this wonderful world where you feel safe, and out of that world, you are left on your own in the jungle of job opportunities that are out of reach.


From 2015 to 2019 I worked in several recruiting consulting companies, in France but also abroad. Just graduated, and yet impossible to find an opportunity in recruitment … The first big decision of my life was made: to go to the other side of the world.

To take a step back, I took my backpack and I set off in the direction of Asia. No definite plan in mind, just an incredible desire to devour the world and take a bite out of life.

Life on the Asian roads was most beautiful months of my life. I realize the kindness of the people, the hospitality, the generosity, the happiness. Some moments are sometimes hard: far from my family, my friends, my comfort, doubt settles in, and my savings melt like snow in the sun.

One of the advantages of traveling is the encounters. I was in Indonesia at the time when I met Gideon, in charge of strategy and partnerships at Davidson Consulting.

Surprising and lifechanging encounter in Bali


He was on vacation in Bali and by chance, we were in the same hotel. Over a coffee I briefly explained to him my background in recruitment, to be honest, I was a bit ashamed to tell him that because I couldn’t find a job in France, I decided to go traveling.

I explained that I am in recruitment and ideally I would like to work as a Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist (the team of recruitment manager in France).

His reaction: NO WAY!

I didn’t know the company he was working for, but it turns out that Davidson is a consulting firm that assists hundreds of companies in their recruitment.

”Ah, cool! Maybe he’ll be able to put me in touch with certain companies.”

But Gideon had other ideas in mind: How long are you staying in Bali? What are your plans afterward? Do you want to come and spend a few days in Brisbane in our office? I would like to introduce you to our Team Manager.

Learning the Brisbane way of recruiting


Uh… (Laughs) Yes, of course! When do we leave? What’s the address? Will it be an interview? To work a company ? To do what?

It’s a good thing Gideon was there to calm me down. Taken by the excitement I was unable to keep my calm and composure.

As a result, 2 weeks later I flew to Brisbane with my last savings, with no guarantee to have anything, direction Australia!

Firstly, I immediately fell in love with the country, the city, and the Australian atmosphere. Secondly, I meet Gareth, the Team Manager of the Corporate division. A man of a kind heart like no other.

We talked, it was an interview without really being one. Every time I answered a question he always asked: Why?
Why did you do this and not something else? Why did you go here and not somewhere else? What interested him is my motivation, my project.

After almost an hour of exchange he says to me: What do you say to stay here for a year? The Group can take care of the administrative details. My team would be great for you.

I signed a one-year contract with a recognized and respected company in one of the most attractive countries in the world.

An insider look into Lyon employment system


Back in France, I wanted to give all that I had learned during these last months abroad.

The opportunity to join an association called La Cravate Solidaire came up. The company helps people to get out of extreme poverty by doing everything possible to find them a job.

In this association, my role was to coach these people. Quite honestly it was a magical experience, but incredibly difficult. I went home feeling like I had no energy left as if I had given everything to these people.

The challenging part is to listen to the incredible life experiences of people and to see their situation today. We worked together on their CVs, how to act in interviews, how to present themselves, posture, etc.


Sometimes we would just talk about life. I remember this lady that I tried to motivate and who said to me: Fabien, it is very nice of you to want to help me. I hope to see you again next week.

At the time I didn’t understand, probably the carelessness of my youth still. The following week, indeed, she was no longer in front of me. We learned a few days later that she had put an end to her life.

The more I evolved in the field of recruitment, the more interested I became in the coaching part. The idea of coaching makes me want to do more.

Barely a year after my return to Lyon, the decision was made to join a company in Lisbon as a recruitment consultant.

Amazing job opportunity in Lisbon


I discovered the recruitment of junior profiles. Every day there are young people looking for an internship, a sandwich course, or a first job. And I love it!

I feel energy, freshness and it’s a real treat. I mainly helped French companies recruit juniors.

While everything is going well, one day I have a sort of trigger.

Every time we’ve found the right candidate for our client, we simply click on “close offer”.

And this action simply sends an automatic message to all the students to tell them that the offer is filled and that their application has not been selected.

It was a shock, at that point: We’re happy because we solved one position, but what about the other students who were not chosen? I wanted to do more. I wanted to help more people, to have a greater impact on young people. As a result, I realized that it was time to start my own business.

Freedom in recruiting and educating


Today I accompanyhundreds of studentsin their search for internships and work-study programs, and it’s a real joy every time one of them tells me that they’ve found a company as a result of our support.

More than just coaching and recruiting, our role is to understand your needs, your difficulties, and bring you concrete solutions. We are at your disposal during the whole of your search and you can ask for our help at any time.

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