Coaching in schools

3 Step individual coahing


We accompany your students in the form of individual coaching.

During this first session, we get to know the student and seek to understand his or her

professional goals.

  • Understanding your student’s goals and difficulties on the way to achieving it.
  • We will target his main difficulties, it is on these points that we will work together.
  • We develop an action plan and outline the framework for our next session

We go over the student’s difficulties, point by point in order to find a solution. The goal of this session is to answer all of the student’s questions and allow him/her to take a step forward in his/her goal direction.

  • We optimize the student’s CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Work on the cover letter
  • Give practical advice and practice strong answers to prepare for interviews.
  • Our role is also to give back confidence to the student if necessary and a real boost of motivation!

The last session is where we make sure that all the points have been addressed so that the student can continue his research in the best conditions, on his/her own.

At the same time, we make sure of highlighting the student’s research and we systematically create a LinkedIn post dedicated to your student’s project, within more than 30 000 connection reach.

Complete group workshops


Great for a group of 10 students that need individual leading and consultation.

Some schools wish to entrust us with a large number of students to coach. In order to optimize our time and accompany these students as quickly as possible, we have set up group fabien

We organize sessions with a maximum of 10 students per session, for a better follow-up of each of them. During these group sessions, we work on their CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, interviews, posture to adopt, verbal and non-verbal attitude, and much more.coaching students

These group sessions are dynamic and we encourage maximum interaction between students. The objective is to provide them with practical tools to increase their chances of finding a company.coaching students

Join our webinars


Webinars last between 45min and 1h in the form of a videoconference.

Some schools have their own platform for this type of event, otherwise, we use tools such as Zoom, Skype, or others.

The objective of the webinar is to deal with a specific topic. For example, we will discuss the theme of LinkedIn, and how to use this professional network in your search for an internship or work-study program.

We use a Powerpoint that we create ourselves beforehand and we also give live demonstrations for better interactivity with your students.

The webinar is ideal when you want your students to attend in large numbers. Generally speaking, the number of students viewing our lives varies from 40/50 to 250/300 per webinar.

Our webinars are often recorded by the school and then replayed to the students.

We systematically debrief with school members after each webinar to ensure the quality of our webinars and to get feedback from the students.

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Our area of expertise remains in the field of recruitment and junior profiles.

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Previous partnerships


During our last partnership, 90% of the students we accompanied found their work-study within 3 weeks of our accompaniment. A great success and we are very proud to have been able to help all these young people to find a company and thus continue their training!